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New Estate Agent Aims to Streamline Selling

Launched by Joanne Bury and Aimee Gannon

A new Lancashire estate agency has been launched to help streamline the buying and selling process for home sellers and buyers. Launched by Joanne Bury and Aimee Gannon, Fardella & Bell, will primarily operate in Burnley, Blackburn and the Ribble Valley, as well as further afield across the North West.

The firm aims to bridge the gap between estate agency and legal services, working with trusted partner Burys Solicitors, to make the process smoother, quicker and less stressful.

Co-director Joanne Bury said: “From my work as a solicitor and Aimee’s long time in the property sector, we both have previous experiences where the conveyancing process can have problems, especially when there’s a disconnect between the estate agent and the solicitor. This can lead to long delays and huge levels of stress for both buyers and sellers.

“That’s why we launched Fardella & Bell to make use of our ability to combine the understanding of the estate agency world and the legal conveyancing process too, offering a full start-to-completion service to customers. Negating the need for additional conveyancing services creates an economical, under-one-roof service for those buying and selling, which really minimises the stress for all involved.

“As a focused estate agency, offering a personal one-to-one service, launching in the Covid era has meant we’ve so far been unable to get as face-to-face with clients as we’d like in a normal environment. But we’ve been able use various means to tackle things head on while keeping within guidelines and we’ve already been really busy since we launched.

“What’s really important to us is that we’re a caring service. Buying a house is the biggest outlay most people make in their lives and we want to be able to hold their hands from start to finish and remain compassionate and down-to-earth throughout.

“There’s also an emotional element that some estate agents forget when it comes to buying and selling homes. People can be really attached to their homes and feel stressed about new moves, so we feel a caring approach really matters.

“Although we’re from a deeply professional background, we’re also two working mums with family values, helping people on their way to their forever home.”