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Guy Cookson at 10 Downing Street

Hotfoot Design marketing director and partner Guy Cookson has visited the prime minister’s key advisers to champion the digital economy in Lancashire. The Lancaster-based specialist was apart of a delegation of entrepreneurs invited to discuss how government can help small businesses grow.

Guy said of the visit: “It was a great opportunity to discuss the importance of Lancashire, and in particular Lancaster, to the UK economy. I raised the point that Manchester and Liverpool are buzzing at the moment, the Northern Powerhouse feels tangible there, but the hundreds of smaller towns dotted around the country are just as important.

“Lancaster is well placed to host cutting-edge businesses. We have a beautiful city, with a world-class university, and some amazing transport links. And, according to Digital Lancashire chair Michael Gibson, there are already some 1,500 people working in the digital, tech and creative sectors in Lancaster. These are well paid, highly skilled jobs and the number is growing year on year.”

Guy added: “There are challenges, though – from difficulties travelling East from Lancaster and lack of transport link investment, to a shortage of workspaces for growing companies and poor communications infrastructure, which is why we need central government support and funding.

“It’s fantastic to see homegrown organisations like Boost and Digital Lancashire champion causes that matter to our region. Eighty-five per cent of us live outside London, 1.5m live in Lancashire. Collectively, we have a huge amount to offer.”

The meeting at number 10 ended with a promise from the prime minister’s adviser to visit Lancaster and it’s growing business arena soon.