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Hospitality Flexi-Ticket

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Hospitality Flexi-Ticket

The totally flexible way to get best value hospitality when it suits YOU!

Available across all lounges and packages...

  • The most flexible way to enjoy our fantastic lounges and hospitality packages

  • You choose your games

  • No exclusions and no limits, totally flexible for special occasions such as Boxing Day, local derbies etc

  • 23 places per ticket are banked to your account for you to use throughout the season with a minimum 5 working days notice, 10 working days notice required for Sponsor packages

  • Window tables, Balcony Boxes & Sponsor packages (minimum numbers required) available on request & subject to availability


To book email or call 01254 508008

* Platinum rated games minimum 10 guests, Gold and Silver rated games minimum 6 guests

** Platinum rated games minimum 8 guests, Gold and Silver rated games minimum 4 guests

per person + VAT
Boxes 1 Course £2,200
Boxes 4 Course £2,850
Premier Suite (Room) £2,850
Premier Suite (Window) £2,945
Jacks Kitchen £1,380
Match Sponsor * £4,230
Ball Sponsor ** £3,680
Programme Sponsor ** £3,680
Celebration Package £2,760
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